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Discount Hearing Aids Testimonials

Reviewer: Steven R. San Francisco

Greetings Andy and Frank, I wanted to take a rare moment
            during my hectic schedule - to extend my appreciate for quality professional
            services that I've received. This pair of Chili SP9 was impressively
            programmed and came with these new "dome-type" ear molds that I am
            now using. In all these years of wearing these aids since back in
            the 60's, I am convinced that these new technological marvels has
            finally matured to the level with such comfort and ease in listening
            that many of us have been looking for within our daily dynamic and
            unexpected changes of the noise. In my opinion, Chili SP9 is definitely
            a Naida-killer. And Andy, your customer service and hearing aid programming
            expertise in programming were unparalleled. If either of you ever
            come to Berkeley, CA; allow me to take you out to my favorite golf
            course at the Tilden Park. Again gentlemen, thanks a bunch!

Reviewer: Lawrie, Victoria Australia


Hi Frank - Yes happy to go with that. I have since given
            your details to a couple of friends that were interested in dealing
            with you. Very pleased with the end result and being able to pick
            up the TV sound directly through the hearing aids is fantastic! Thank
            you for you help and programming of the aids and quick service not
            to mention the huge savings of which I would estimate close to AUD$7,000.00!
            Lawrie Barnett Victoria Australia.
Reviewer: Gus, Sydney Australia


Hello Frank and Andy, Just a quick email to let you
            both know that we received the Hearing aids and other components.
            Want to thank you both for the services. There is a lot of information
            to read up on as this is all new to us. I'll send you an email in
            a week or so when we get our heads around the functions and if there
            are any little questions to ask. My father already has a smile on
            his face! Thanks you both again for the great service. You are most
            welcomed to use us as a reference if needed. PS we weren't charged
            at customs for tax or anything, as they discovered it was all for
            personal use. That was good news:) Kindest Regards, Gus.
Reviewer: Marge, New South Whales Australia


I have worked out the hearing aids and are delighted.
            The only downside is Harry can now hear me so I have to be careful
            what I mutter in the background. He is even arguing with me which
            is great. I believe we have opened up a new world for both of us.
            Again Thanks so much for your help. Please add me to your tesimonials
            as you know the experiences I had with our local audios. I would be
            more than happy to speak to anyone who needs reassurance about you
            and your service.


Reviewer: Dave P, Wynyard Tas, Australia

She can hear birds, etc. Did not realise how deaf she

            was. If you have Australian customers who are a little cautious we
            would be very happy to recommend your services - feel free to pass
            on our email address.

Reviewer: Shelby T, New Mexico


Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your
            patience and assistance. Four or five years ago I had an unusual accident.
            While using a Q-Tip to clean my ears (as I do each morning following
            my shower), I slipped and fell. The Q-Tip in my left ear jammed through
            the tympanic hitting the cholea and disconnecting (at least partially)
            the little bones. I've had two surgeries without success. I can still
            hear a little in the left ear but certainly not like before the fall.
            The longer you live, the more stuff happens - good and bad. Discount
            Hearing is one of the "goods."

Reviewer: Peter K. New York


If you want to use me as a reference for people who find you internet, I will be happy to respond. Because of all the scams you hear about, many are skeptic of what I did. When I told my friends the difference in cost that said it had to be. But the scam was right here in Savannah. It crossed my mind also, which was one of the reasons that I had not returned in my other aids. We are in New York a lot, and you can buy a $100 Rolex watch and in Chinatown. Anyway I will be happy to vouch.

Reviewer: Marcelo P. Brazil


I write to thank you for everything. The hearing aids actually improved my hearing and my life. Hugs e success! Note: I wrote the message in English without help of my wife.


Reviewer: RON R. Fort Meyers

I enjoyed meeting you. The service and the hearing aids are great! I wore them the rest of the day and already don't notice that I have them in. I will send any business I can your way and you may use me on your website. Thx. Again,
 Reviewer: Tim in Coconut Creek,FL


Dear Frank: I just want to let you know how much I appreciate my new hearing aids. After having hearing problems for forty years I can finally hear things I never could imagine, like birds singing and the directional blinkers in my car ticking and my wife doesn't have to get aggravated when I keep replying "what"……. It is such a pleasure and I just wanted you to know how happy I am with them. I can't thank you enough now knowing what I missed for all these years. Sincerely Timothy Kennedy

Reviewer: Ron W in Fort Myers,FL


Hi Frank, Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new hearing aids, and the great service you provided. Not to mention the money I saved. I appreciated the emails and phone calls we had prior to my trip to see you. It certainly gave me confidence in your ability and your sincerity. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is thinking of getting hearing aids. Your are more than welcome to use my name, and give it to anyone would like to contact me. Kind regards, Ron Winney

Reviewer: Name Withheld - "A Very satisfied Patient From Long Island, NY"

I have a very high opinion of the excellent work of Discount Hearing Aids of America and in particular the audiologist in your "Lynbrook office." Dr. Clare Villanueva did an excellent job of assessing my hearing loss and fitting me with a fabulous new pair of Widex hearing aids. In addition, the price was excellent.

Reviewer: Ed V, San Mateo, CA

Fantastic service, great prices. I can absolutely recommend Discount Hearing Aids of America and give them 5Stars

Reviewer: Danny H, Dallas, TX

During the last two years or so and constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I came to the realization that I needed hearing aids. After my hearing test were completed I decided on the model of hearing aid that I wanted. I was quoted a price and given a pair to take home for the weekend. After reconsidering my finances I decided to search on-line for that model. I was shocked to find that very same model for almost $2000 dollars cheaper than I was quoted by the local area centers. I called Discount Hearing aids of America and they put me in touch with one of their area outlets. A week later I went to the referred outlet where I was tested and fitted with my new hearing aids. I am very pleased with the services of ALL! http://www.discounthearingaidsofamerica.com/

Reviewer: Hal K, Long Island NY

I'm a vet and my hearing aids come through the VA, but I dropped one and destroyed it. I was told that the warranty had expired and I was not eligible for replacement for another 2 yrs... Found Frank and the rest is history, a solid discount and great service. Thank you all, Hal K

The hearing aid office in Orlando got me in Tuesday, the 28th. I ordered the Sonic Flip 100's and the SoundGate for TV. Dan and his staff were absolutely great. Dan was very knowledgeable on the Flip 100's. He explained my hearing loss situation and thought the Flip 100's were a good choice. He was happy to offer them to me at the price you have on your web site. My wife and I were scheduled to attend a noisy Halloween party on Friday. I told Dan it would be very helpful if I could wear my new hearing aids to it. He put in a rush order and juggled his Friday schedule to get me back in. He had me fitted and briefed within an hour. Fantastic service!! On the drive home I heard my turn-signal blinkers for the first time. The road and wind noise seemed reduced also. There were about 150 people at the party with six people to a table. Before the Band started I was able to follow conversations at my table quite well even with the background noise of all the other people talking. There are a few issues that need to be ironed out but that's to be expected. I have my first adjustment next week. I can't thank you and Dan enough for the discounts and great service you offer. As I told Dan, it is hard for a retired person on a fixed income to shell out $5000 or $6000. I am so happy I found you and that you referred me to Dan. You both are a blessing to me. I actually enjoyed myself at the party where I was able to understand people and join in the conversation for the first time in a long time. I gladly gave my old Sonic Ion's to Dan, which didn't work very well for me. I hope he is able to use them to help someone that can benefit but not have the money for new ones. God bless you and Dan. With kindest regards, Lloyd B., Michigan wintering in Florida

I have researched hearing aids , models, prices , & warranties for my 1st hearing aids, the last 2 years. I have sent at least a dozen e-mails to Frank Goldberg of discount hearing aids of america , asking many questions about their products. I like to research products ahead of time so when I purchase the product only a few answers are needed. In June using discounthearingaidsofamerica.com, I purchased a phonak audio V 90, a bicros , & a compilot air II through their albuquerque provider. I asked Frank many questions since I knew nothing about hearing aids, Frank answered them all very patiently. I recommend Discount hearing aids of america to everyone, you won't be disappointed !

GT, Albuquerque, NM

Frank Goldberg, the President of Discount Hearing Aids of America is not the typical company president. He actually answers the phone and is helpful. His website has informative articles. He figured out a way to get hearing aids to the public for less money than getting them the traditional way. You buy the aids from him, he gives them to a hearing clinic and they program the aids. So you can get a discount and get attention from a hearing care professional. I had a choice of mid level and higher level hearing aids and realized that I needed the higher level aids, but couldn't afford them at the prices they were offered. I found Discount Hearing Aids of America and am pleased with what I have. Thank you Frank.

Dale S. Brown, Virginia

Dear Frank Goldberg, Thank you for your assistance in helping me purchase new hearing aids. I am delighted with the price reduction you referenced. Also, most importantly to me, I have discovered Dr. Lewis who is a true professional. After dealing with a local audiologist and purchasing my first set of hearing aids, I have experience to provide a comparison. Unfortunately, I learned there are sales people and there are professionals who have your interest at heart. I have been delighted with the whole experience: exam, training, follow up...all with great personal attention. I have used the hearing aids for about three months now and what a positive difference! Again I thank you...and my wife thanks you too...

Marvin F. Strach Silver Lake, Ohio

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