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Mild Hearing Loss

Mild hearing loss is used to describe people who are are unable to hear soft sounds, as well as those who have difficulty understanding speech clearly in noisy environments.

Moderate Hearing Loss

Moderate hearing loss is described as an inability to hear soft and moderately loud sounds with considerable difficulty understanding speech, especially in areas with background noise.

Severe Hearing Loss

Severe hearing loss is generally described as a person who cannot hear sounds and speech of others without technological assistance.

Getting to know DHAOA

Getting to know DHAOA

Discount Hearing Aids of America is a no frills professional office located in Southeast Florida.
Our service is an "A+" accredited business by the Better Business Bureau which instills confidence in our client base. We provide face-to-face care at internet prices across the country!! Compare our prices and you will typically see we are 30-50% lower than the corner store.
You can rest assured you will be receiving the utmost in care, attention, service and product from our dealer network as we covet our BBB Accreditation and vigorously protect it.
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