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Finally, realistic prices for premium hearing instruments!!
Frank Goldberg,HAS owner of Discount Hearing Aids of America is a Hearing Aid Specialist. licensed in Florida, and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Frank has also been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years -- who better to understand the problems of the hearing impaired!
Don't get sucked in by the print or TV ads. Who do you think is paying for them? You are!
After our years of experience, we offer hearing instruments from what we feel are the top A+ manufactures on the market. However, if there is another manufacturer you would like for us to quote, please contact us for assistance today.
Hearingmax.com has developed relationships with every manufacturer and we take pride in offering hearing instruments for every budget. Don't hesitate, compare our prices to what you were quoted. You will be surprised at how much lower Hearingmax.com can provide your top of the line hearing aids.
Hearingmax.com can offer you the lowest prices because we keep our overhead low. You're not paying the same fees with the other guys, you're not paying for advertising, their secretary, their warehouse rent or electric bill.
All purchases can be made in one of our office locations. Weekend appointments are available for your convenience in most locations.
The savings you realize are worth the day trip from anywhere to buy from us!
Can't come to our Florida Location?
Take a day trip to one or our regional offices convenient to you.
You can save thousands over your local retailer because our super low prices are posted for you to see you know what you're paying before you arrive!
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